Ombre Look for Thin Lips! [+ Skinfood Honeypot Balm Review!]

I love love love the ombre look for lips. Seriously, when done well it gives off a very cute, doll like image. But I have noticed one thing about this look, it works extremely well for thick lips and those of us with thinner lips are kind of left hanging. I mean just look at her lips!

Ombre lips seem to be made those lucky girls with thicker lips but I would not be deterred! After many attempts of trying this look out on myself, I finally accomplished it. To get started I use a basic chap stick to get my lips all nice and smooth. This winter has been especially tough on my skin and lips so the chap stick helps in that aspect. Especially when the next step kicks in. lips

For color I use Revlon: Just Bitten Lipstain and Balm in Gothic. It’s seriously my favorite lipstain but it’s so pigmented! Also if you are to just use the lipstain on its own it feels like it dries out your lips; hence why I use the chap stick first. You could also use the balm that is included but I like knowing that there’s some spf in the chap stick at least. I line the middle of my lips, where they meet, all the way until the edge where my lips touch my cheeks. This is the difficult part. Getting it to look just right is a pain and a half, but when done right it’s all worth it. Then I just rub my lips together to try to spread the color a bit.lipstain

Lastly I use Skinfoods Honeypot Lip Balm in Berry as a finishing glaze. This little balm is so adorable, but don’t let it’s size fool you! There’s a lot of product in this little package. The packaging and the dipper that comes with it is so clever and cute, one look and you’ll fall in love. Speaking of the dipper, on the site they mention you should clean the dipper after every use (makes sense, as it is the hygienic thing to do) but as I don’t do that (so lazy!) the dipper has a slight red tinge now. Oh well. There’s a slight berry fragrance when you open it up but it’s not too noticeable. I apply this balm all over to give my lips a glossy and moisturizing look. And the honeypot in Berry also has a slight red coloring so it goes well with the lipstain. Overall the look you should be going for is subtle and this balm is all about subtlety. I’m not much for lip balms but I definitely recommend this one. And it’s so cheap who can say no?product shots

And then we’re done!



2 thoughts on “Ombre Look for Thin Lips! [+ Skinfood Honeypot Balm Review!]

  1. Wow! I love this post! I never used to think to put an Ombre Look for my lips, but this post really think me to try this! Cool! 🙂


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