Review: Etude House – Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-talk

It wouldn’t be Etude House if their products didn’t scream just cute and girly. And I am okay with that. Did I just write okay? I meant, “thank jeebus for that!” The world can never have too many cute things. Where should I start with this little guy? I’ve actually had this product before, a year or so ago? But due to it… breaking, I had to throw it out. Boy, was I devastated. I’ve been meaning to buy it again but my good friend Ruby ended up surprising me with three (3!) different colors of it! She’s just the best right?

product-shots copy

As you can see from the pictures above, the lipstick comes in a very colorful and cute box only to open it and find a comparatively sophisticated looking tube. All in white with an accent color that follows the color of the lipstick. I would love to find a lipstick that was orange in color but the accent was red instead! Wow imagine how confusing that would be! The only way to differentiate these tubes is from the accent colors and I got to say it works better than most other lipsticks I’ve owned multiples of.

When you first open it you’ll get a noticeable whiff of something sweet. I still can’t place my finger on what it reminds me of. Cupcakes? Jellybeans? I’ve struggled to find the right sweet to describe the smell, but it is sweet! Depending on the person this may be a decisive factor on whether to buy this lipstick or not but let me tell you the smell is quite faint. It is not overbearing and when applied it goes away. Frankly I haven’t noticed a “flavor” to the lipstick which going by the smell you would expect but I’m glad there isn’t one. Even though Ruby swears she can taste the sweetness… On the lipstick is a little embellishment in the form of a heart with a crown on it. I mean how cute is that! That little touch makes the whole product feel higher in quality as I don’t believe many makers would go to the trouble of doing that.

I must say even though I love this lipstick, it does come with some big cons. First the tube itself has quite a bit of ridges so it can ensure it is locked when you close it. This sounds like it shouldn’t be a problem… until you close the tube in an awkward fashion in a slightly twisted manner and you get the tube stuck and you need the power of Superman and the Hulk combined to open it again. (What? DC in my Marvel? BLASPHEMY! heh.) Another con is the lipstick itself is quite flimsy. Or should I say be careful of the lipstick melting slightly and the force you apply as it will cut at the base and fall off and you’re out of luck. Both cons should be easy to maneuver around if you’re careful, but if you’re like me and a bit clumsy you will run into one or the other.

Now for swatches!

EHCOMPARISONOn my hand the colors are from JPK002 to JPK004 respectively. As you can see the orange (JPK004) is quite transparent and really works best as a general gloss than a lipstick. The other two have more color in them and clearly show. I prefer the red (JPK002) to the other two as it is more pigmented but I see nothing wrong with the other colors. They leave your lips looking nice and moisturized once applied and are glossy enough to shine at just the right moment. ;D

Overall I really enjoy using these lipsticks. I always feel so cute after applying them, I can’t help it! And I recommend them to anyone looking for a glossy lipstick with a tinge of color. The packaging and slight sweet fragrance (cookies? lollipop?) are just the icing on top! WHAT IS THE SMELL OH GOD ITS SO GOOD.


3 thoughts on “Review: Etude House – Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-talk

  1. Hi
    I was wondering if you have ever come across another lipstick like the dear my jelly lips talk lipstick by etude house ? (Since posting this review)
    They were my favourite lipsticks of all time ! I loved how light the formula was and how the tint was builtable . I’m so gutted that they don’t manufacture it anymore. I wish I had brought more than 4 !
    Please let me know
    Thanks for the great review btw – I remember reading it ages ago


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