Lassie’el Night Miracle Mango Mask

[Warning! Joy’s bare face pictures below! Proceed with caution. :c]

If you haven’t noticed in the past few months, mangoes have taken over!! They’re attacking the city of Los Angeles as we speak! Causing havoc and leaking juice everywhere! A bit of an exaggeration but it really does seem like lately mangoes are everywhere. In your juices, foods, and now beauty products. And I LOVE it! The more mango the better.

So color me surprised when last month shopping in Forever 21 I saw a bunch of cute shaped something or others at the register area and my eyes zoned in on a mango shaped one! Turns out, Forever 21 now sells Lassie’el Sleeping Masks! Yay asian beauty being more accessible! It was only $4 so of course I just had to get one. Lassie’el Night Miracle Mango Mask just by looks alone stands out to me from the many other beauty products I’ve tried in my life. Shaped as a mango and being a mask you have to mix the ingredients for I was pleasantly curious.

Now for some product shots!

As you can see the type on the actual packaging is a bit hard to read. Who chose those colors for text? The ingredients list is actually on the inside of the packaging, when you open it. But you could also check on their website as it lists the ingredients on there as well.

The Night Before:

product shots2

The top photo is my face before I applied the mask. You can see the apprehension on my face, who likes to show their bare skin in public? As soon as I put it on my skin already feels smoother to the touch. I actually kind of feel it firming my skin as well. When I first opened the product there was a slight scent that reminded me of perfume more so than of mangoes. Not that it was overwhelming but those who may be allergic to that kind of stuff may want to be aware of that. The smell also goes away once you apply the mask. They say to wait 20 minutes as it takes that long to fully absorb in the skin but I could go to sleep right now and know it won’t leave stains on my pillow. It absorbs very quickly, or my skin was just that thirsty (even with all the water I just drank!).


Right after applying the mask.

The Morning After:

I woke up the next morning and instinctively touched my face. Ah, so smooooth. Though I must say it isn’t anything life changing but for a quick fix it’ll get the job done. I also did not react negatively to the mask, I did get a tad itchy last night when I first put it on, but overall nothing happened. Which is great, don’t want to have a bad reaction just for not testing~u

After waking up + going out

There’s not too much to say about this mask. It was $4 and I was surprised by just how much product was contained in each capsule, enough for at least 4 uses. Can’t go wrong with $1 a mask. So if you’re interested, have a Forever 21 close by, try one out. You won’t get your dream skin but it’s fun to try new things~

[Update: I used it for a second time two days later, and I still had some mask left in the capsule when I was done applying it. So don’t worry about the size, this product carries a lot. My skin was a bit smoother but like I wrote above this is no miracle mask, regardless of what it says on the packaging. If you want to experiment with it, have a Forever 21 nearby and have $4 to spend, totally go for it! It is a very neat experience!]

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