Review: Face Shop – Lovely Me:ex Petit Cheek Stick

A few years ago I walked into my local The Face Shop just to browse around and see what they had. I did not know that that day I would walk out with the cutest little thing imaginable. The Lovely Me:ex Petit Cheek Stick! Check out the product shots below:


As I’ve had this cheek stick for some years now you can noticeably tell the cute details are smudging off but you can easily imagine what it looked like Day 1. I bought the cheek stick in #2 Coral Pong Pong, PONG PONG. What is Pong Pong? I don’t know but I love saying it! I wanted a color that was light enough to look natural but also vivid enough to spice up my cheek bones. A nice thing about this stick is that shimmer is embedded in the color so when applied light can reflect nicely off your cheeks~ I would say this color and cheek stick in general is better for the summer months as that’s when you want a bit of color on your skin and the shimmer adds a touch of playfulness to your look.IMG_1260

I typically apply this stick directly on my cheeks in a bunch of padding movements. Basically imagine me calmly stabbing my face with the brunt of the stick. Not a nice image but that’s what I do! I’ve also used a brush to apply the color but I notice I have to apply more force to get the color ON the brush than on my face. When I first bought this I thought the application method was interesting and a neat idea. I hated the blushers that came in those pacts with mirrors that needed a brush to apply. I just always ruined the blush with the brush hairs falling into the blusher. ;-; With this method all the color goes directly on the skin and the amount of force you use effects the color output. So you can range your look between “just barely there” to “holy crap, that’s a scary clown.” A

I would recommend this cheek stick to those who love cute things and playful makeup! The color is great and you can apply thin layers to get a desired result. The application is also a neat idea and one I find very useful. If you don’t mind a twist tube then I say go for it!


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