The Things I Covet: Nails for Summer 2015

Another semester of school has ended. No more will I have to deal with the day to day drab of waking up early, driving my tired ass to a class I don’t care for, and dealing with people who don’t seem to understand the world doesn’t revolve around them (“whaaat!??!”). No, all that is thankfully in the past. The worst part about every semester, at least in my experience, is having to give up wearing nail polish for three months. Not like I wear nail polish too often but between all the projects (did I mention I was an art student?) and just no time to do anything extra but the basic skin care necessity I can manage, my nails just don’t get any attention!

Such a sad sight. ;^;

Some of you may be reading this and going “oh boo hoo, no nail polish. What a world you live in,” and I would agree with you there. But this is a blog post, and my intention is to entertain, so bear with me. All this rambling has a point. And that point is, I need some new nail polish in my life.

I’ve had the same nail polish for, literal, years now! Too many of my bottles are just shut tight from how old they are. And that’s frustrating. And what do I do when I feel like I need a change. Why, I window shop of course. Here are the Nail Polishes I Covet for Summer 2015.

  1.  The 2015 S/S TonyMoly Cotton Candy Colors. Unf, they all look so great. I want them all to be honest, and I’m not even a huge fan of the color orange. The pastel colors are obviously a perfect fit for the Spring time weather. The cute design on the lids sold me in a heartbeat. This is a nail polish line that’s light-hearted and free spirited. You want to feel cute and girly? Go right ahead my friend, this nail polish line won’t let you down!
  2. Another TonyMoly edition that I have my eyes on: Tony Cafe Nail. I mean I live and die for cafes, alright? If I had my way (and the money) I would be in a new one every week. The atmosphere, the smells, the flavor, everything about cafes interests me. You can laze around drinking a nice hot chocolate as you people-watch. Or keep to yourself with the comfort of a good book and some good coffee. I love cafes. So it’s no surprise that a nail line named after coffee would be on my list. And the colors are amazing, my favorites being the rich brown colors. Hmm, I could go for a coffee right about now.
  3. innisfree-eco-nail-color-pro-museum-picnic-6ml-descI mentioned I was an art student right? Well how can I not just admire this nail polish line from Innisfree? Innisfree’s Eco Nail Color Pro-Museum Picnic may be a mouthful but it’s also full of wonderful light colors that wouldn’t look out of place in an art gallery. Admiring the classic works of Da Vinci, Michelangelo, van Gogh and Carvaggio (what an amazing museum that is to have all those masters o.o) with nails painted in a modestly classic fashion just screams chic and elegant.
  4. Etude House’s Play Afternoon Tea is all I ever want in a nail polish line. Pastels? Check, Cute bottle design? Check. Even the name itself is something cheery and cute that brings to mind a joyous time. Who hasn’t wanted to spend some casual time in a nice garden with friends drinking delicious teas and eating sumptuous light treats. Ah, what a dream life that would be. But for those of us in the real world where we have very little time to spend on ourselves, the least we could do is spend it on a nail polish line that evokes such happy imagery.
  5. A running theme seems to be happening here… Well my stomach does dominate most of the decisions I make, can’t deny it also affects how I view beauty products as well~ Etude House’s Give Me Chocolate Nails makes me want the sweet stuff all the more. Those dark brown hues are killing me with how perfect they are! My favorite of the bunch has to be the Mint Chocolate Chip, as it’s also my favorite ice cream flavor. It just stands out as the most playful option in this nail color line and just like the flavor itself it has that extra punch of mint to make it stand out from the pack.

Notable Mentions

  1. T2eC16FHJGoFFvjq9ODBSeOmfKNc60_12-500x465
    Nail/Finger Masks (any brand). After applying and removing all that nail polish your nails will need all the TLC they can get! You don’t want brittle nails with hills and valleys that you can visibly see and feel. Nails in that state creep me out so much, it reminds me that they’re made from the same stuff as the hair on our head.

  2. Nail Stickers (any brand). Just a touch of individuality and light-hearted fun! It’s easy to apply most of these stickers and just plain fun to boot.

Now if only I had the money to buy what I covet. What a perfect world that would be! What are some of the nail products you’re looking forward to this Summer?

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