The Things I Covet: Cushions

I’ve never been one for full-face makeup. The most I ever do is glide on some lipstick and head out the door, ain’t no one got time for primers, foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, brows, mascara, etc. I’m actually so behind with makeup that I just got into liquid lipsticks two months ago. So, needless to say, I am no expert in this area.

But I want to change all that. I want to turn over a new leaf and learn how to use makeup! I’m in my mid-twenties and feel like I’m playing catch up to people who’ve mastered cat-eye’s and how to properly cover up acne at age fourteen. Meanwhile I’m still over here trying not to mess up my lipstick application (darn you thin lips!).

With this new burning passion to improve myself, I scoured the internet in search of where to begin. One thing I’ve always had an interest in were cushions. They seem so handy to have in your pocket or bag and they can come as a blush, foundation, or even BB or CC creams! Excited to finally start my journey, I started making a list and that list grew and grew until I couldn’t contain it anymore and had to size it down. That list is the one I’m sharing with you today, so without further ado here is my list of cushions I covet!

5. Sulwhasoo: Perfecting Cushion (Limited Edition pictured below)copyofstr2_s8sulwhasoomakeup_s8_leadpixI’ve never tried any Sulwahsoo product in my life. I’m not one to drool over expensive items, especially not expensive makeup. Dupes exist for a reason! However, the packaging of this one limited edition Perfecting Cushion is gorgeous. A work of art in and of itself. Sulwhasoo teamed up with artist Donah Lee for their 2016 limited edition version of their Perfecting Cushion and Perfecting Cushion Brightening (red and white packaging respectfully). The image on the packaging is actually one of Lee’s art works, as this reddit post shows, some months ago she had a gallery of her featured pieces and one such piece is the one used in these cushions! On top of the beautiful packaging this cushion also has glowing reviews regarding its coverage and lightweight texture. Had I the opportunity I would pick one of these up in a heart beat.

4. banila co.: V-V Bouncing Cushionbanila-co-v-v-bouncing-cushion
I’m a bit of a fan of banila co. products, as much as their brand name confuses me (do I capitalize? should I always add the period at the end?), their products always felt like they were made for cool chic city chicks and I guess I appreciate that aesthetic. Most may know this brand for their Clean It Zero line of cleansing balms but their creams and masks are also much adored. So it seems like a perfect fit that I would want to try one of their cushions. Specifically the V-V (is that supposed to be a face?) Bouncing Cushion. Apparently it’s one of their best “all-around” cushions when it comes to coverage and lasting power and the hydration this cushion supposedly provides would do nicely on my dry, thirsty skin. Especially during the winter months.

3. Peripera: Ink-Lasting Cushion [Mint]

As you can tell from the image below, this cushion has been re-designed for the summer but is the same product Peripera has had in stock before. Normally the Ink-Lasting cushion looks like this: mint_cushion

I will admit that had I the option to buy one or the other, I’d buy the summer-edition no question. It’s just super cute. Now I’ve always been eyeing Peripera products, this Club Clio sub-brand just knows how to market their products. With the popularity of their Ink Tints they created a monster of a brand and now anything that has the name “Ink” has my attention. This cushion is no different and this particular mint coloring apparently has a pore-blurring affect that my skin terribly needs.

2. Peripera: Milk Sun Cushion [No-Sebum]


Like I mentioned in #3 above, this Peripera cushion has been redesigned for the summer and for THAT REASON ALONE I want it. Hah! I’m only slightly embellishing. This is the only cushion in this list that’s actually a sunscreen and how perfect is this whole redesign paired with a sunscreen cushion?No Sebum Milk01.jpgThe mint version seems to be an oil-control formula (no sebum, no problems) and has an SPF of 50+ PA++++. Which just has me thinking if I’ve ever seen a PA of higher than 3 + sold in America.

1. BBIA Soda Cushion
bbia soda cushion

And lastly BBIA’s Soda Cushion. I tried finding as much information as I could about this cushion but there was not much to find outside of purchase links. From what I can gather it has milk in it, protects your skin from the sun (UV rays) and has a cooling effect. The cooling effect has me very interested, New York City summers do not play around and I need as much help as possible to survive.

BONUS ROUND: Every cartoon collab ever

I feel like the above images speak for themselves but just in case,

*inhales* “AHHHHHH OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE I NEED X, Y, Z CUSHION FOR A MULTITUDE OF REASONS!!!1!” *exhales* Yeah, that’s how I feel about almost every single announced cartoon collaboration now a days.

I know there’s just about a million more cushions I’ve missed but these were just a few that caught my greedy eyes for one reason or another. Are there any cushions you’re looking forward to? Or any cushions you believe a makeup newbie should try out?

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