LuLuLun Sheet Masks: What’s Up With All the Damn Colors! Part 3

Scented Variety Edition

This post is part of a series of LuLuLun sheet masks. Check out the previous posts here: [Pt One] [Pt Two]


Quite a few of the previous Lululun sheet masks already have certain scents in them. The Hokkaido mask for instance smells of Lavender but the selling point was the fact it was based on the Hokkaido island, not its scent. These masks however are marketed around the fact that they have a particular scent. I almost called this selection the “Floral” Variety Edition as two out of three of them are floral scents. Damn citrus had to ruin my flow, yo. So what makes these masks so different? Let’s start with the outlier; Yuzu.

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B-Quickie: Holika Holika – Golden Monkey Glamour Lip 3-Step Kit

Let me preface this post by stating how much I dislike monkeys. Seriously, I just don’t trust the little buggers. I also find quite a few of them to be quite ugly. Apes too. And chimps… What is the difference anyway? I never found out, not like it matters much to me, I dislike them all the same.

What was this post supposed to be again? Oh yeah, the Golden Monkey Glamour Lip 3-Step Kit!


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Review: SkinFood Parsley & Mandarin Toner

Recently, I realized my toner was about to run out and my first reaction was, “Oh man, I need to do a review before it’s fully gone!” then “Oh, I should buy a new one.” Blogs, man~. It’s a lifestyle that takes over~.

All jokes aside, my toner is going to run out and I’m kind bum about it because it has been treating me nicely for the duration I was using it. So, the back story of this toner goes back to around August 2014.

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Lassie’el Night Miracle Mango Mask

[Warning! Joy’s bare face pictures below! Proceed with caution. :c]

If you haven’t noticed in the past few months, mangoes have taken over!! They’re attacking the city of Los Angeles as we speak! Causing havoc and leaking juice everywhere! A bit of an exaggeration but it really does seem like lately mangoes are everywhere. In your juices, foods, and now beauty products. And I LOVE it! The more mango the better.

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Review: Skinfood Peach Sake Sun Lotion

If there is one product I think is essential for my skin routine, it’s sunscreen. It’s honestly a product I use everyday. From my understanding (correct me if I am wrong), unprotected skin filled with acne scars + direct sun exposure = darkening of the acne scars aka STOPPING YOU FROM GETTING YOUR DREAM CLEAR SKIN! A BIG NO NO!

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How to deal with Rosacea

My Background:

Rosacea is not fun to have. I didn’t even know I had it until late last year when I went to the eye doctor. For weeks I’ve been suffering from a couple of styes (don’t know what styes are? lucky you! basically it’s an infected eyelash gland that causes something like a pimple to be formed in the area) and one just would not go away and as he was inspecting my eyes he casually mentioned, “well your rosacea is inflamed, and that’s what is causing your styes.”

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