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beauty and life and everything in between.

Joys’ Profile:

Year: 1992

Skin Type: Dry face overall and red cheeks due to Rosacea. A bit problematic (i.e. acne) every so often. My skin is sensitive but rarely reacts to products. When it does it my skin reacts by getting red (yay…) and sometimes bumpy. ALWAYS PATCH TEST!! (I don’t, ><!)

Goals: Moisturize and even out skin tone. Attack acne when it occurs!

Notes: I have a very basic “routine” that I use every morning and at night but I am still looking for products to add to it and adjust my routine when I need to.


Ruby’s Profile:

FullSizeRenderYear: 1992

Skin Type: Mostly Combination that leans more towards the oily side. My family has a history of acne that plagues them even in their adult/elderly years and is something that I inherited…insert the sarcastic ‘yay~’. Blackheads are pretty consistent than bumps or whiteheads with a circus of different sized acne scars. Skin sensitivity is normal.

Goals: Even out skin tone, minimize pores and control oil throughout the day.

Notes: When it comes to my skin care routine, I mostly stick with the basics. However, I do switch around products often so my skin doesn’t get too used to something.

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